What is Squadron: X?

A campaign pack for the Squadron UK Superhero Role-playing campaign and a

Complete role-playing game in its own right. The Supernatural meets the Alien and you're caught right in the middle.

What's so special about it?

* Addictive character generation - the perfect blend of random rolling and design.

Players start off as ordinary people sucked into extraordinary events. As the campaign progresses they become Special Agents and - eventually - Superheroes

battling to save the planet from its Alien conquerors.

* Fast and furious combat and innovative campaign rules - that make you feel like you're IN the TV series. WHICH TV series? ALL of them!

What's in this book?

* The complete Squaron UK Basic game system with special character creation systems to allow the Heroes to develop and change as the campaign progesses.

* Detailed scenarios which take you through an extended storyline of monsters and aliens.

* Advice and material to allow you to expand the campaign beyond the scenarios given to create months - even years - of adventure for your players.

Softcover B&W book available from RPGNOW.COM